We started out in 2014 – with stands in several shopping malls selling a very popular brand of comedy T shirts and our first UK account brand was Lambretta.

Over the years we grew and grew and have traded at some of the UK’s biggest and best shows, shoppings malls, leisure resorts, the NEC and even had our own store. With the ever rising price of high rents and rates – we realised most of our profit from selling designer wear was going back into paying these costs, which lead us to having our own website launched in 2017.

Technology has made shopping so much easier for people nowadays – no queues, no parking fees, more time to look for what you want and all at the touch of a button from you computer or even your phone.

For us, no high rates to pay anymore like the “big stores” allows us to cut our prices and offer the best discounts on the market, so everybody is happy.

We have an excellent repeat business rate with our customers and do reward them with additional discount codes if they repeat order.


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